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Residential AC services in Isle of Wight County

Virginians know that summers get hot and humid. You rely on your air conditioning system to keep you cool and comfortable. Because of the extensive use your air conditioning receives during those summer months, parts can wear out and systems can break down. When this happens, you need help fast. At Hobbs Mechanical, our repair team has the experience needed to get the job done quickly and effectively. Whether your system is acting up or you are looking to establish a seasonal maintenance routine, we can help. We also offer free estimates if you find yourself needing a system replacement. We pride ourselves on our installation technique, but also on the quality of equipment we install. We always recommend the Amana units to our customers because of their superior product and warranty.

Are you energy efficient?

Modern air conditioners are much more efficient than older models and feature both R-410a refrigerant (a more environmentally friendly type that became the refrigerant standard as of 2010) and higher Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) ratings. SEER ratings refer to the AC system’s efficiency. While the mandatory minimum SEER rating on new systems is 14, you can find systems of up to 20+ SEER. It’s important to understand how the efficiency of your system affects you to help you make the best decision for your home. The higher the SEER rating, the lower the utility bill. It may seem like a higher investment when you compare pricing for the higher SEER units, but the savings over the lifetime of your unit will more than pay for the difference. The lower energy consumption is also better for the environment. By getting a more efficient unit, you will be lowering the impact of your household on the world around you. The higher efficiency units also make a difference to the comfort of your home. These systems are better able to control the temperature and the humidity level, making your home the coolest place to be during those hot summer days.

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You need to establish a routine maintenance schedule

Too often, homeowners wait until their cooling system has a catastrophic failure to call for service. By establishing a routine maintenance schedule, you can catch small problems before they escalate and make repairs that will extend the life of your cooling system. At Hobbs Mechanical, we believe in providing clients with top-quality repair services and installing the best brands available.

Regardless of your cooling needs, Hobbs Mechanical has you covered. In addition to professional AC repair, we offer an extensive range of mechanical services for your home. We always operate on the core tenets of honesty, quality, and dependability.