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Heater & AC Repair

Heater & AC Repair Questionnaire

Signs your heater and/or AC might be in need of maintenance

When we turn on our heating and cooling systems, we expect them to work. When they don’t, it can be incredibly frustrating. The average homeowner doesn’t always know what to do when their system goes down and often are unsure of where to turn to solve the problem. However, there are signs you can look out for that signal it might be time to call a repair technician.

Warm and/or cold spots in your home - If some areas of your residence are getting more heat or cooling than others, it could be an issue with a blocked vent or ductwork that needs to be serviced by our repair professionals.
A sudden drop in efficiency - If your unit is working double to heat your office or residence to the same temperature, that means you're experiencing AC or heat-loss resulting from either a faulty unit or ductwork that needs repairs.
Your system doesn’t maintain a constant temperature - This could be an issue with your thermostat or your heating element. It's best to call in our Suffolk heating repair experts to get to the bottom of this.
Strange sounds coming from the unit - Loud noises are never a good sign from any in-home appliances. A little bit of noise is natural, but if sounds are audible from the other side of the room then you should have your unit inspected.
The system won’t turn on or won’t turn off - If your system won't turn on, check to see if there's a blown fuse or if the pilot light is turned on for your heat. If your HVAC won't turn off, then that's a hazard and it should be checked on by our repair specialists pronto.
An unexplained increase in your energy bills - If you're experiencing AC or heat loss anywhere in your HVAC system, then your heater will have to work extra to meet the demands of the desired temperature. Depending on the severity of the problem, this extra work might not come cheap and you'll save on your utility bills by getting your HVAC inspected by a trained professional.

If the problem is serious and a new system is recommended, we can help you assess your personal heating and cooling needs and provide recommendations for the systems that would best suit your situation. We even offer free estimates on system replacements!


    Refrigerator Repair Questionnaire

    Signs You Should Call a Refrigeration Specialist

    Whether you run a supermarket or a café, you need your refrigerators and freezers to work. If these appliances stop working, you might lose both customers and valuable products. Don’t wait for your refrigeration system to go down; know the signs and symptoms of a refrigeration problem.

    Your appliance won’t maintain the appropriate temperatures - There could be several different causes for this. The refrigeration systems in your business are so varied and often complex. It’s best to call the repair professionals at Hobbs Mechanical to take a look.
    The thermostat is erratic or is inaccurate - This could be indicative of a bad thermostat. Our highly trained technicians can diagnose that issue and have it repaired in no time.
    Strange sounds are coming from your appliance - Many of these large appliances make some noise during daily operation, however, if you notice something especially loud or odd, it’s best to call refrigeration experts to take a look.
    Your energy bills are suddenly higher - There are many moving parts in a business. The refrigeration can be one of the biggest components drawing power in your building. If you notice a sharp increase in your electricity bills, give us a call to have a skilled technician look over your system.
    There is water pooling in or around your equipment: - There are a few possibilities that can cause this. It’s possible that there is a clogged drain line causing water to back up into the unit. However, there could also be ice forming in the unit which can be indicative of a more serious problem. The system should be checked over by our refrigeration specialists.

    Additionally, if your appliance is very old and out of date, it’s a good idea to speak with a commercial refrigeration specialist to ensure that it is running efficiently and to find out if replacement is your best option.