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Paying For Hobbs' Services

When problems arise with your heating, cooling, electrical, and refrigeration systems, repairs can be costly – and if the problem is so bad that replacement is necessary, that’s an added expense you weren’t expecting. Although upgrading to more energy-efficient units saves you money in the long-run, the up-front costs can be overwhelming. At Hobbs Mechanical, we understand the financial burden that HVAC services can place on your family or your business. That’s why we offer convenient and affordable financing options to help you get the services you need at a price you can handle. Our Suffolk heater and AC repair experts are passionate about ensuring all customers can afford our services.

To learn more about financing with Hobbs Mechanical, drop us a line to get the conversation started.
Customers who are interested in financing with us can apply online with Enerbank. We offer plans to fit every budget.
  • 12 month same-as-cash
  • 7 year loan at 7.99%
  • 10 year loan at 7.99%

You can count on Hobbs Mechanical to get the job done right!

Importance of establishing a maintenance schedule

At Hobbs Mechanical, we believe that the best way to protect your heating and cooling systems is to perform routine maintenance. Biannual maintenance appointments can prevent system malfunctions and keep your units in prime condition. A clean and well-maintained AC or heater will operate much more efficiently, saving you money on repairs and monthly energy bills.

To make the process of HVAC maintenance easier on you, Hobbs Mechanical will keep up with your maintenance schedule and give you a call twice a year to schedule your Tune-Ups. By having this service done, you are ensuring that your valuable and important equipment remains in great shape all year long.

Benefits of Membership:
  • Reminder calls in the Fall and Spring
  • No overtime charges
  • Extended life of HVAC and other systems
  • Assurance your system is running efficiently and saving you money
  • Parts that are wearing out can be identified and watched, ensuring that nay repair and/or replacements can be planned and don’t pop up by surprise
  • Maintained comfort in your home or business
  • 15% off repairs on covered equipment
  • Priority scheduling

What's included in maintenance visits?

Too often, homeowners and commercial property managers wait until their heating system has a catastrophic failure to call for service. Depending on the age of your building, there are a variety of problems that can arise in the various systems that keep your home or business running. From a malfunctioning refrigeration component to a heater that won’t turn on, keeping things running requires routine checkups and maintenance so that small problems can be caught and fixed before they result in whole-system failures and expensive repairs. We take care to thoroughly investigate every aspect of your heating or cooling system and provide a complete tune-up to leave your unit in better shape than how we found it. Our HVAC technicians go the extra mile to improve your systems.

air conditioning maintenance visit
  • Check superheat
  • Check and cycle thermostat
  • Check and tighten electrical connections
  • Check voltage and amperage
  • Check and adjust belt where applicable
  • Inspect drain line
  • Check indoor and outdoor fans
  • Check supply and return temperature
  • Check condenser coil for excessive dirt/debris build up & rinse
Heating maintenance visit
  • Check fan and limit operation
  • Inspect and clean burners as necessary
  • Adjust flame for optimum efficiency
  • Check and clean pilot
  • Inspect and check heat exchanger for cracks and soot
  • Check evaporator coil for excessive dirt/debris build up and rinse

We can handle any service. Don't see your specific issue here? Give us a call.